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Tried calling about Son's Disability...omg..why bother?

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Tried calling about Son's Disability...omg..why bother?

Post by Sessy on Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:39 am

Alex's money was cut off in February, and I filed an appeal for his benefits to be reinstated. They sent me some more paper work to fill out, which I did and returned to them, I also opted to continue receiving his money until the appeal decision has been made, they sent me more paperwork on this to fill out sign and return, which I did, and that was the last I've heard from them.
So I have called them, I don't even know how many times, my husband has called them many times and this is basically what we are getting from them:

Raven called and asked about Alex's account and the status of the appeal and such and he was told to call another number, he calls said number and gets the exact same building and representative who then transfers him to another department and places him on hold for 45 minutes.

When he finally reaches someone after 45 minutes she tells him that no appeal has been filed, there is nothing in the computer about it at all. He says yes the appeal has been filed, I know it was received, because they sent us paperwork to fill out and sign, so somebody, somewhere, got something!

So she places him on hold once more. Ten minutes later she comes back and says it was on someones desk and they hadn't realized it was there so now its being processed. Rolling Eyes

So the next time I call and I am transferred about 4 different times, then I was put on hold several times for a combined total of 2 hours and 15 minutes before I gave up and hung up. Mad

So today, I call them and finally get a hold of a woman who sounds as if she rode in to work on a camel. I ask her the exact same questions I've been asking to which she tells me that there is nothing in the computer at all, no claim no appeal nothing. I tell her there should be, I know they have received it because they've sent me stuff, they sent the class stuff to fill out, I've talked to other staff at your office and they have found it after digging through files, so I KNOW it's been received, I just want to know why we are still not getting any money.

So she says please hold for one second, then I hear tap tap tap of her keyboard, and she informs me that its processing and if they need more information they will contact me. So, again I ask about getting his money reinstated until the appeal is finalized and she says there are no notes or anything at all about that in the system. I asked her well, is there someone else that I can talk to that would know the status of that?
and she tells me to go in person to my local SS Office and ask someone there for more information. Suspect

At this point I'm just ready to scream. I tell alright guess that's what I'll do then and I hang up. But, omg....what does it take to get some information from these people? I swear that "Processing" means they stuffed it in a shoe box and slid it under someones bed.

Guess I'll be driving about 45 minutes to the closest office now just to get some information they probably won't even have!
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