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Movie theater etiquette

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Movie theater etiquette

Post by Sessy on Tue May 02, 2017 5:27 pm

My 18 yr old son and got back from school this afternoon and his bf was telling me about something funny that happened to him at work last night.

He's been working for the past 3 months at the movie theater and last night he had gone to a couple of kids in the theater to ask them to quiet down and stop being disruptive or they would have to leave. They were being loud, throwing popcorn, laughing, insulting people and just being rude. The girl also had her feet on the back of another persons chair and my sons bf told her to put her feet down. She looks at him and says "Hell no, I paid good money to be in here, you can't tell me what to do." My sons bf says, "Well, a lot of other people have paid good money too and don't need to have you and your boy friend ruin the movie for them." She proceeds to insult him and her bf is being rude also so at this point he's had enough and he tells them both to just go or he's getting the manager. The girls bf looks up at my sons bf Ben and says, "My princess wants to watch the movie so go get the manager if you want, but we're not leaving." The girl laughs and says, "That's right I'm a PRINCESS so I don't take orders from you!"
At this Ben grins and says "Well honey, I'm a Queen and I out rank you so get the F@ck out bitch!"


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