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The Vampire Lifestyle

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The Vampire Lifestyle

Post by Sessy on Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:41 pm

This is just a quick explanation of what true vampires are for those who are unfamiliar with the lifestyle.
Active vampirism within the vampire subculture includes both sanguinary vampirism, which involves blood consumption, and psychic vampirism, whose practitioners believe they are drawing spiritual nourishment from auric or pranic energy.
Some traditions of modern vampires drink blood, either animal or human, although human is preferred.
They need blood to make up for a deficiency of proper energy processing within the body, or that it helps them gain energy and strength.
Contrary to popular belief, members of the vampire subculture range beyond simply those who drink blood. Such members tend to congregate into small clans, usually called covens or "houses," in a tribal culture to find acceptance among others that share their beliefs. Generally vampirism is not considered a religion but a spiritual or philosophical path. There are also many modern vampires that are not part of a coven, but rather are solitary. Most vampire enthusiasts wear regular or ordinary clothes for the area they live in to avoid being ostracized.

Terms to know:
Feeding- The taking of energy via blood or other forms.

mundane- A closed-minded individual/ non-awakened,

black swan- A non-vampire that is sympathetic to vampires.

fledgling- Someone that is new to vampire subculture.

Blood Donor- Blood donors are people that willingly allow vampires to drink their blood. Within vampire society, vampires and donors are considered equal, yet donors are expected to be subservient to the vampires.At the same time, donors are difficult to find, and because of that, human vampires have no reason to abuse their donors.

The Two main types of Vampires are Psychic Vampires (psi) and Sang (sanguinarian).
Psi-vamps are a kind of human vampire that needs to attain nourishment from the aura, psychic energy, or pranic energy of others. They believe one must feed from this energy to balance a spiritual or psychological energy deficiency such as a damaged aura or chakra.


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