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The Story of Cronan


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The Story of Cronan

Post by BrianCreed on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:10 pm

Cronan is the guardian of the night and all things within the night. He is the child of the sun and the moon, two great celestial beings that came together and created all things in the universe.

The sun came out every morning and when he did the moon went into hiding. Every morning he was see the moon run away from him, hidden under a beautiful blue veil of night and star dust. He longed to meet her, to see her face, and to speak with her, but each time he tried she would vanish before his eyes.

For weeks the sun tried to see the moon. He would wait for her to come out, hidden behind trees, or bushes...when she emerged he would watch her quietly, waiting for her to lift her veil though she never did. Her face remained a mystery to him still.

One morning, the sun decided that he would attempt to trick the moon. He dimmed his light so low that the moon thought night had come. Slowly, she crept out of her house. She looked around to make sure that she was alone, and then walked into her garden where she sat down upon a rock near a small pool of water.

The sun watched her closely, wishing that he could walk up to her and talk with her but he knew that if he did she would again run away from him. She was so beautiful covered in the soft glow of her moon light. He could see silver strands of her hair beneath the veil. How he longed to touch her hair, her face, or even just hold her hand.

The sun became careless though as he watched her, forgetting everything else except the moon. He stepped forward suddenly and the moon, frightened, ran away from him. Feeling lost without her, the sun went back to his place in the sky and he waited for nightfall when he might catch a glimpse of the moon once more, if only briefly before he slept.

For the next few months the sun left gifts for the moon near her rock. One night he left her poetry, another night a flower, but each night the moon would come to her rock and find something else left there for her by her admirer.

As time went on the moon began to grow rather fond of the sun and less frightened of him though his bright light did hurt her eyes, she still thought that it might be nice to meet him so she left him a message and asked him to meet her there early in the morning when he first woke, but to dim his light so that she would not be blinded by its radiance.

Overjoyed, the sun agreed. He dimmed his light as much as he could and then went to meet his lady. For the first time ever, the moon removed her veil and showed her face to the sun. She was so beautiful that the sun wept. The two fell in love immediately and wed before the heavens.

Unfortunately, the moon could never see her love in all his true radiance, and dimming his light took so much energy from him that he would fall asleep for weeks at a time. The couple knew that this could not go on forever so they made a very difficult decision. The sun and moon would meet two times each year for a few hours. After this meeting the sun would rest and then return to his spot in the sky.

It was hard for the two to go so long without seeing each other but they knew that this was how it must be. From their love though sprung the earth and all things upon it. Of their many children came Cronan, the protector of the night.

Cronan, taking after his mother, had dark blue eyes and pale white skin. His hair was as black as a starless night. Cronan lived in the sky with his mother but he loved to walk the earth among his brothers and sisters but he would always return to his mother in the sky.

One day while walking the earth he met a young mortal girl whom he fell in love with. This displeased his father the sun greatly and he forbid Cronan from having anything more to do with the girl. But, Cronan was in love with her and he refused to stay away. He married her in secret, and kept her hidden from his father. Since she was mortal though, Cronan could not bring her to live with him in the sky, so he would sneak to earth to be with her.

Eventually the sun found out about his sons defiance and Cronan was not allowed to return to the sky with his parents. In his rage, the sun commanded that Cronan never again be in his fathers presence or, he warned, he would burn Cronan to death with his rage.

The suns anger was so great though, that it was not only directed at his son, but also at all of Cronan's children, as well as his children's children and so on. Like their father, Cronan's children were not permitted to walk in the light of the sun for fear of burning under it's harsh light.

Cronan became the father of all vampires, a race of beings as beautiful as the moon, but fearful of the sun. And that was how the first vampires were created.
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Re: The Story of Cronan

Post by EveAnora on Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:56 pm

Awesome post, thank you for making this Brian.

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