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Psi Vampire Meditation (Not a joke post)


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Psi Vampire Meditation (Not a joke post)

Post by Sutterwynn on Tue May 02, 2017 11:52 am

For psi (psychic) vampires, controlling what energy we take in or send out is very important. For this reason I have been working on perfecting a meditation that I find quite helpful in this area. I'd like to share it here and get feedback from others, thoughts, comments, etc.. If you feel that you have anything to add even that would improve this technique I would also appreciate that.

The first step is to get into a relaxed state. For me, I like to lay on my bed, feet crossed, and hands neatly folded on my chest. I dim the lights or lay in total darkness with the exception of a few candles lit. I also like to light some incense and have some type of background noise (white noise) nothing with words that can be distracting.
You can sit up in a comfortable chair if you feel that laying down could make you fall asleep.

Once in position, I begin some deep breathing exercises. With each breath that I exhale, I imagine all the negativity, frustration, anger, stress and all around bad feelings just leaving my body. It helps me to visualize the negative energy as ribbons of red light flowing out of me and into the air, then I visualize a blue cocoon of positive energy surrounding me like a force field, preventing anything negative from re-entering.

At this point I am usually pretty well relaxed and ready to begin the meditation. What I do is focus a little more on my breathing. You want to be breathing normally but in a relaxed state almost as if you were asleep. Feel your chest rise and then fall with each breath. Listen to the sounds your breathe makes, focus on it until all you hear is the sounds of your own breathing. Block everything else out.

Once you have the breathing down you want to begin to focus on your own energy. Feel it, hear it, see it. Visualize your energy swirling around you. I see mine as a thick white mist encircling me. When you see yours it will take on a color that is personal to you, sometimes its elemental, other times it can be spiritual or electrical. When you can see your energy listen to it. You may hear a soft buzz or even a ringing. Become familiar with this sound because its the special sound your personal energy makes. Next, you should begin to feel it. It could be hot, or cold, it could feel electrifying like tiny pin pricks, or it could feel like fingers massaging your skin.

Take some time to get used to how it feels, sounds, and what it looks like. Note any smells associated with it, or how the room feels to you with your energy surrounding it. When you get used to calling up your own energy you will be able to control it better, even manipulate it. You can draw it back into you or push it out around you. will it to surround a certain object in your room, like a lamp, then try drawing energy from the lamp. I wouldn't suggest drawing energy from anything living just yet, not until you have really mastered how to control your own energy first. Drawing too much energy from anything living could seriously harm or even kill it.

Use these techniques and practice as much as you can. Once you can fully understand the full potential of your energy you can begin to harness sit and use it in other things. Whether you are blocking negative energy, feeding off anothers energy, sharing energy, even doing spell work, the basis for all of this is first learning to identify and control your own personal energy.

Once you can do this, the possibilities are endless.

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