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Greetings Vampires and friends


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Greetings Vampires and friends

Post by Sutterwynn on Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:32 am

Greetings everyone. I finally made an account.  Don't know how often I can be on but I will do my best. For those of you k\who don't know me my name is Lord Sutterwynn, though most just call me Wynn.  I'm single, no kids, no plans on having children anytime soon.  I do have a white German Shepard though that is my baby. Her name is Elsa (Don't laugh) lol  She's a handful and spoiled rotten but I adore her.
I work full time as a human resources manager.  Its boring but it pays the bills. At night I like to kick back with a cold beer and pizza and watch scary movies and my favorite weekend hobby is sleeping in till noon on Saturdays.
Those are probably the most interesting facts about myself lol.  
so thanks for inviting me and hope to chat soon.

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