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Really disturbing dream last night

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Really disturbing dream last night

Post by Sessy on Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:47 am

I had a very disturbing dream last night as far as being scary or psychologically disturbing. I'm not totally sure what it means, I'm better at reading other peoples dreams really. But here's the dream, would like any insights if you guys have some, thanks. It's fading so I'll do my best to recall everything I can.

I woke up in my house and looked out the window to see that my car was gone. I started going back over the previous night, thinking to myself, Ok well I dropped the car off someplace and then drove off with someone else but couldn't remember who or where or even why. I started calling people and asking them if they knew where I'd left the car and where I had gone the night before because my mind was a blank. I felt like I had bits and pieces of the night in my mind but there were so many holes in it that it was really hard to figure out just what I had done.

One friend told me that I was at work 2 nights ago and I went off on the charge nurse and walked out and quit my job. She said after that I went to the cafe down the street, parked the car, got out and then got into a car with another friend and we left. I said ok so my cars at the cafe? And she told me well, no, because you came back later and picked up the car and left.

Now I had no memory of quitting my job or of going to the cafe. I was starting to really freak out. The next thing I did was call my father and asked him if my car was there and he told me that he hadn't seen it. I asked him if he would pick me up and drive me around to look for it and he said yeah so thats what we did. We drove around for hours but never found it. At this point im getting really stressed out but after my dad drops me off I start to get the realization that this might not be real.

The key factor in this is that my dad is dead, there is no way he could have been driving me around. So, in the dream, I called my mom and asked her if I actually had the car that I was looking for. She said the new white car that you just bought? and I was like yeah that one. She confirmed that I did have a new white car (Oddly enough I don't! I have a green van) So now im all upset and I'm crying and I tell her that I don't know whats real and whats not, that I cant remember what I did a few nights ago, I don't know where my car is, and I just spent several hours looking for it with my dead father. I told my mom that I needed help that I really thought I was going insane. At that point I asked her if Raven and my kids were at her house because I just wanted my family to be with me and she acted like she had no idea who Raven was and then she was like, are you at your apartment? ( I live in a house not an apartment) and I said yeah why, and she said she was coming over. I started freaking thinking something was wrong with my kids and that's when she informs me that I don't have children, and never have.

Some type of reality dawned on me at that point and I was like oh ok..this is a dream. and I willed myself to wake up. But before that point I really did have the feeling that I was losing my mind. If anyone has any ideas what this was about please let me know cause it's baffled me to no end.


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