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Defining the Greenveil Philosophy

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Defining the Greenveil Philosophy

Post by EveAnora on Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:13 pm

Hello, My name is Eve and I am the High Priestess of the GreenVeil Vampires. Here is a little information about who and what we are for those that are unfamiliar with our teachings and way of life. First of all I want to encourage anyone who is interested in learning more to contact me personally and I can go into greater detail about what it is we believe in. The Greenveil way of life is not exclusive to vampires alone though we are selective of who we allow membership to. Second, I want point out that The Greenveils are female ONLY. It's not that we do not like men or think ourselves superior to men in anyway, we just try to focus more on feminine energies, nature, creation, healing, and birth.
The first key point and probably the most important is that there is energy in everything and all around us. Energy is the true source of everything, from the world we live in, the animals and plants around us, the dirt we plant our gardens in, the rivers, streams, oceans and seas. We ourselves are composed of life giving energy and that energy can be used to heal those who are sick, promote health and stamina, replenish lost energies, or even to create new life.

It's important to mention here that while we can do all kinds of positive things with the energy around us, that energy can also be manipulated and used for negative gain. When working with energy we need to be very careful that we are not putting anything into the energy that is unwanted such as negative thoughts and feelings. Guided meditation is a wonderful tool to use before working with energy. It can help you to clear your mind, let go of all your worries and feelings of anger, frustration, sorrow etc... so that only your good intentions are being passed into your energy.

GreenVeil Vampireism isn't a religion as much as it is a spiritual path. Now, I say Vampireism because in our tradition, we use it not only for working magic but also for feeding or absorption of the energy to nourish our own bodies. However, it does not necessarily have to be used in feeding alone. Our Greenveil philosophy is an excellent way for anyone, Vampire, witch, shaman, anyone really to become more familiar with their own energy, and the energy around them.

It's really about getting down to basics and defining a true relationship with nature. It's not about worshiping nature or Gods/Goddesses, or even communing with nature spirits. You can believe in the spiritual world or not believe in it and still practice The Greenveil philosophy. Some people may incorporate magic into their tradition while others may take a more naturalist approach to it. It's really up to the practitioner really and what they feel most comfortable with. In my personal tradition I do use earth magic.

By reading the signs of the earth, feeling the energy around me, and getting in touch with nature, I am able to live a fuller, healthier, and happier life. Many people today have lost sight of the simple things in life that once were a very real and important aspect of the lives of our ancestors. They fail to recognize the magic in everyday things from the wind blowing past you, the scent of spring rain, the feel of the grass under your bare feet, or the total release and purification of swimming in a natural lake and just giving yourself over to nature.

First though, we must recognize the energy around us, learn to tell it apart from our own, and then learn how to merge our energies with that of the universe. When you are able to do that, a whole new, vast, and wonderful world will be opened to you and you can begin your journey into the Greenveil way of life.

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