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Gender roles in the Bible


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Gender roles in the Bible

Post by LovelyLynn on Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:22 am

The Bible spells out pretty clearly what roles men and women are supposed to assume according to the teachings of Christianity. Men are the head of the house hold and women are to obey their husbands. This does not mean that women are slaves to men, actually the Bible is pretty clear in that men and women are equal partners in their relationship. The women is to respect and obey her husband but the husband is supposed to cherish and protect his wife. Men are also suppose to be the ones who provide for their families. I take this to mean they are to secure a home, food, clothing, money and what ever else their family needs to survive. The women are to keep the home, raise the children, and preform her wifely duties in the bedroom.
This does not mean that a man has the right to force his wife to have sex with him if she refuses, the Bible is pretty clear on that as well. While a woman should not hold out due to spite or to get even with him, he also can not force himself on her just because he wants it and she does not.
So, what is an acceptable excuse not to give it to him? I would assume personal illness or injury, while she is menstruating ( the Bible has rules about this as well as menstruating women are said to be unclean), after recent child birth or a miscarriage. I'm not too sure what the Bible says about sex while pregnant but I would think that it might suggest that she wait until after she's given birth.
But, what about if the husband isn't fulfilling his duties as a husband? If you have a dead beat for a husband, a man who doesn't work and won't support his kids? The Bible states that a man is supposed to work the field and work by the sweat of his brow. This is what he agrees to when taking his wedding vows, to love and to cherish his wife all the days of his life, while the wife promises to love and obey, wait..what?
Really ladies? In my own opinion, if the women is going to work, support the family, care for the kids, and keep the house while her husband sits on his rump all day, maybe HE should be obeying HER!
Looking through the Bible I couldn't really find anything that told what your supposed to do when your husband doesn't keep his end of the deal, but it gives plenty of things that the husband can do to his wife when she steps out of line. So, is this to mean that anyone with a dick can basically do what ever he wants and his woman has to bend over backwards to serve and please him even if shes getting the raw end of the deal. I sincerely hope not because what does that say about us then? What are we teaching our daughters? Just roll over and take it? No ma'am!
It really ticks me off that men have this holier than thou personality where they think they can walk all over us and we'll just grin and then fall over with our legs in the air, as if! Okay, so not ALL men are this way, but a good number of them are.
I seriously would like to get some others thoughts on this subject. If your man isn't holding up his end of the deal, is it ok for us wives to cut off the nooky?
I for one don't even have the energy to worry about giving him sex when I do everything around my house and he does nothing. At night, when the kids are in bed, dishes are done, laundry is folded, and house is clean, I want to go to bed....and SLEEP! Too bad if he wants to get his rocks off. Maybe if he got his ass off the couch and helped me I wouldn't be so tired I can't keep my eyes open anymore and maybe I might just get less "headaches" than I normally get!
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Re: Gender roles in the Bible

Post by EveAnora on Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:50 am

I don't really know a lot about the Christian Bible, but I agree with you that men should have to do their parts equally as women do theirs. If a man does not do what is expected of him how can he expect his wife to return the same sentiment?

In the Vampire community husbands and wives (Husbands and husbands/wives and wives) work as a whole, one unit. Each taking on a part of the burden of caring for the home and children and providing for the family, the physical family, as well as the spiritual family. You know the old saying, "It's takes a village" in a sense, that is how we as a community work within our own house or vampire family. My families troubles are the troubles of the family in a whole and therefore we all will attempt to help out when and where we can.

The really amazing part of this is that each of us brings a unique talent or gift to the family that can be utilized when needed by the whole. Whether its magic, psychic energy, clairvoyance, or something more mundane such as accounting skills or home decorating skills and things of that nature. None of us consider ourselves to be superior or better than another. No one is more or less talented because each of us has a purpose and a gift. Sess has many talents both spiritually and practically, he had an amazing heart and is very intelligent. Kelly on the other hand is a very skilled baker and cake decorator, she is great with children, is always positive and acts as a sort of Den mother to us all, she encourages us and gives some great and often very needed and valued advise.

I wouldn't say that either of these two amazing people are better than anyone else or less talented or useful than another because they bring something special to our family that helps to make us who we are as a community.

In my household, my husband and I are on equal footing. We discuss all matters and come to an agreement on things and never go above the others head. If I've worked all day and am really worn out he may cook dinner and start laundry. On his weekends off he cleans the house. I clean or cook on my days off, even our daughters chip in and help. We don't believe in okay, this is your job and this is my job. We see everything as our job, our responsibility, and that is how it should be no matter what your religion or personal beliefs are.

When you commit to being in a family, any kind of family, your committing to it as a whole, not just the part that you feel you alone are responsible for. It's nice to think that yeah the husband should work and pay bills and mom stays with the kids. In some marriages that works out just fine, but in some it doesn't. When my kids were younger I made the choice to stay home with them while my husband worked, he and I both agreed to this, it was best for the kids in our opinion. As the kids became older I went back to work to help supplement our income. But even when I was not working, my husband still helped out around the house and with the children.

I don't think however that there is ever any reason for one person to stay home and do nothing and leave the work entirely for the other partner to do. That is not how a marriage works and its not healthy for the family at all.
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Re: Gender roles in the Bible

Post by Sessy on Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:57 am

Well said Eve! I agree with you 100% A marriage isn't a master and slave type of relationship, it's a partnership between two people, where each takes on an equal share of the responsibilities. And for the old school peeps out there, there is nothing wrong with domestic men, house husbands, or stay at home dads. Men can be just as nurturing as women can.


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Re: Gender roles in the Bible

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